BRC Client Testimonials

Learning & Development Manager Bella Hawkins , AON

Aon has contracted BRC as our preferred learnership provider for 2016. BRC has been successful in rolling out the learnership for 3 consecutive years and over 68 learners qualified. It is a pleasure to work with this professional team.

Thabo Skosana Complex Claims Specialist – Africa Marine and Aviation

Hi Bea

Please allow me to express my sincere gratitude to you for extending your helping hand during my time in the learnership programme. You once said to me, “Thabo you are destined for better and bigger within the insurance industry”. Little did I actually understand what you meant then but I knew one thing for sure, hearing you say those words made me work harder and I truly appreciate the opportunity you gave me 9 years ago on 1April 2008. It was the best moment of my life, the day Gogo (Bea) changed my life for the better. The time and care you took in telling me about the learnership, opportunities and how far one can go. I remember each and every word like it happened yesterday, it brings tears to my face, it brings tears of joy.It gives me great pleasure to tell you that today I head up Specialty Claims for AIG Africa, Marine and Aviation. I couldn’t ask for more. I have one employee reporting to me and I’m fully accountable for the above-the-line business.I have frequently been called to talk about my journey and your name always pops up. All this would not have happened without you, your support and motivation. It led me to where I am today.Remember the dictionaries you bought for us 9 years ago. They changed our lives for good. It was the key to my future. I hope you remember that because to date I still have that key and your letter. I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks for the opportunity that opened doors for me. You area star Gogo, always remember that.

I love you Aunty Bea, always have and always will. Keep well.

A Poem about a Special Lady. Written by 2011 Glenrand MIB disabled learners

There are very few words to describe a woman like you, a woman that holds the fruit of life and hope and is always willing to give it to these who appear hopeless.

Words just fade away because what the heart feels can only be expressed by the heart.

When you speak heads turn and ears listen because people know that what you have to say is enriching to the mind and gives strength to carry on.

You have destroyed the mirror that we used to use to look at ourselves, mirrors that used to belittle us and take away our shine and you have given us new mirrors.

Mirrors that open doors that we thought were locked and that keep us glowing even in bad days, a mirror that collected all our insecurities and fears and locked them away to give us a sense of security.

Your love brought us out of our shells and into the world to show us what your kindness and loving heart has created.

You took out the shyness in us and injected a confidence that cannot be taken away.

You believed in our abilities and showed us so much more that we can achieve.

With your help we were able to fly higher than we ever thought we could and you gave us a light that radiates strong enough for all to see.

Your love measures to that of a mother to us, because you have given birth to our new selves.

What you taught us is unforgettable and it will always be in our hearts … it will always be remembered.

You walked through a bush that had no path and paved the way for those who want to get ahead.

You are worth more than gold and sparkle more than diamonds.

You have changed the lives of a few and created greatness, because you were supportive whenever we needed you support.

You were always energised even when we dragged our feet and you were accountable, even when we disappointed you.

You stood by us and stood up for us and made us open up to our mistakes.

You are and will always be loved by us.

Debra Makete

BRC for me has been nothing but awesome. Not only do you feel like a learner but also like Aunty Bea’s child. She takes time to know us all, our backgrounds about where we are from, how we grow up, our goals in life and getting to know us all individually. I have learnt a lot from BRC, not only about Insurance industry but a whole lot more things about life. Without Aunty Bea Roodt and BRC I wouldn’t be where I am now. From being a learner, to being an Admin assistant to the Quality Assurer for one of the biggest Brokers in South Africa, to being an Internal consultant and now I am an Operations Officers in one of the biggest Insurance Franchises. I am really grateful for all the Life lessons I learnt from BRC and Aunty Bea Roodt. I have grown not only physically but career wise as well 🙂

Remind Rendani Mudau | Learner under supervision Aon South Africa (Pty) Ltd | Construction & Engineering

Dear Bea,

My experience throughout the learnership was amazing at the college and I honestly enjoyed being a student. The work place was a challenge in the beginning with having to adjust to the environment and the team. I started getting support from the team and being involved in many things. I really enjoyed the media assignment because it reminded me of BRC. The Internship is so amazing and I have come to enjoy what I am doing, I am more involved and have a few responsibilities within the team, I manage the stationery and process the ordering, I do placements for small projects and help everyone within the team. The Internship is a great exposure to many things and I enjoy learning and solving problems. Without BRC, I wouldn’t be saying what I am saying today and therefore I am very thankful for their support.

Mmabatho Letoaba, Senior Client ExecutiveMarsh Africa | Risk Management Practice –Hospitality and Gaming


Hi Aunty Bea

“Having been on the learnership in 2008 with GMIB I didn’t think that I would be where I am today. From a group of 32 learners I was one of the few that were employed permanently at GMIB and that was the start of something great. I have grown tremendously in the industry having done commercial, personal and now corporate insurance. Insurance was never the plan, but it has become my passion and I know that I still have a lot to learn and I will continue to grow. I’ve achieved so much, not just in my job but in the industry as well and it has been a great journey. That initial opportunity to get into a space where I could grow is not something that I treat lightly. It was awesome grounding and it has changed my life for the best.”

Debra Makete (“the little one”), 2008 learner


Oh gogo … I wanted to tell you how my life has changed sooooo much, all thanks to you for giving me an opportunity to join MIB.The struggles at home are so minimal now we can carry on just fine without any worries.I build a beautiful house from scratch in 2011. We bought a 4 room house for my parents in North West where they are living now. I have a car now which I bought recently.I am so happy that I crossed paths with you in my life. You made this all possible for me and my family, you by God’s strength.Yes, it’s not all smooth sailing and it’s a bit tough for me looking after two households now, and my car isn’t perfect. But I am so grateful that God has helped me and we have all this that we couldn’t have then. Love you so much gogo.