Wealth Management Level 4

Further Education and Training Certificate: Wealth Management:This NQF Level 4 course is a holistic introduction to wealth management and wealth creation, including long-term insurance (such as retirement funds, funeral policies and medical schemes), short-term insurance and collective investments.

Who should attend this course?

School leavers, learners and financial consultants, brokers and agents who need to become licensed to sell a wide range of financial risk policies, investment and savings plans, short-term personal lines, business insurance and financial planning products. School leavers who are entering the insurance and investment industry for the first time.

Why do it?

Further develop your understanding of economics, asset management, investment principles, financial markets, personal and financial risk and planning for retirement. Prepare a foundation for the National Certificate: Wealth Management L5. Enjoy a balanced learning experience and learn to apply academic skills in the workplace.

What will you learn from this qualification?

  • Learn about investment and financial risk products for life, disability, health and funeral cover.
  • Understand the basics of economics, asset management, investment, financial markets, risk and retirement cover.

Once qualified you can:

  • Start a career in financial services.
  • Improve your status and advance your career.
  • Become a licensed trainee in retirement fund, medical scheme, insurance or financial planning management
  • Become a trustee or principal officer of a retirement fund, medical scheme or financial planning products