Sharing 50+ years of experience in financial services

BRC is a financial services training centre with a passion for people empowerment. 

Who we are

Over more than a decade since its founding in 2009, BRC Solutions has evolved from a family-run training centre into a respected service provider to the corporate sector. In the process, we have developed a flexible training model, expanding our successful on-site training courses to online learning courses and staying ahead of the demand for digital and blended learning programmes. BRC is responsible for preparing thousands of quality trained individuals for entering the financial industry.

BRC Solutions was founded by Bea Roodt in 2009 after her successful four-decade career in the insurance industry. The greater part of her corporate career was spent as a divisional training and technical director, culminating in her role as the national training and development manager for Glenrand MIB countrywide. Bea’s vast insurance experience and her extensive involvement with the Financial Services Board FAIS project steered her towards training.

Initially BRC specialised in short term technical product training. With the implementation of the FAIS Regulatory Exams, it expanded the business to include a number of other courses. Continuing her legacy, Bea Roodt’s sons, Deone and Bjorn, now deliver a highly personalised and supportive training service to the financial services industry.

What makes us a preferred provider?

  • Our caring and nurturing environment – we are passionate about advancing young South Africans in their careers. 
  • We provide quality teaching and learner support, both in our small, on-site classes and in our remote learning programmes. 
  • We have a blended learning approach which makes our training highly effective. 
  • We explain complexity in plain language that is easy for learners to grasp and understand. 
  • We’ve expanded our digital footprint to offer online courses for flexibility and convenience. 
  • We ensure best practice regulatory compliance. 
  • Excellent pass rate. 
  • Exceptional return on investment for corporates.