Insurance Claims Administrator (Insurance Claims Assessor)

Insurance Claims Administrator 

Who should attend this course?

New entrants and individuals currently employed in the short-term/long-term, health and statutory insurance sectors. Specifically, those working as administrators, claims negotiators, claims officers, and insurance claims assessors with prior industry knowledge.

Why do it?

Present and anticipated demand for skilled insurance claims assessors is high. Individuals who are working in this field (without formal education) will gain a competitive advantage through personal upskilling.

Entry requirements:

  • NQF Level 4 Qualification or 3 years work experience in the insurance industry.
  • Recognition of Prior Learning in the form of a statement of result or work experience record (this must be issued by accredited providers/workplaces). 

What we offer:

  • Knowledge modules
  • Practical skills modules
  • Work experience modules

Once qualified you can:

  • Receive notification of a claim and investigate the validity thereof.
  • Assess a claim to determine its outcome.
  • Identify and reduce associated risks.
  • Finalise the claims process.