An Introduction to Insurance

Preparing Candidates for Studying FSB Short Term Insurance Courses

“If you work in the short term insurance industry, no matter what your role is, you should understand what the industry is about. That’s why we’ve designed this course for managers, senior executives, and accounting and IT support staff, as well as new practitioners.” Bea Roodt, BRC

Why do it?

This introduction to the short-term insurance industry provides an overview of the basic principles of short- term insurance. By the end of the course candidates will have gained an excellent grounding in insurance practice and principles. This course is tailored for company specific requirements try.

Who should attend?

  • All managers who don’t have a general knowledge of insurance
  • New entrants to the insurance industry
  • The accounts staff at insurance companies and insurance brokers
  • The IT staff at insurance companies and insurance brokers

What will you learn?

The Introduction to Insurance Practice programme covers:

  • Basic principles of insurance
  • Policy structure
  • Terminology
  • Types of short-term insurance