Work Place Readiness

Workplace Readiness Soft Skills Courses

“If you are new to the job industry, you need a confidence boost to help you get the position that you want. We provide young job applicants with the skills to get ready for the workplace. We help turn them into professionals. – Bea Roodt.

Who should attend this course?

  • If you are about to enter the job industry for the first time and you would like to learn about workplace etiquette in order to gain confidence for interviews and your first job. You can do the entire Workplace Readiness Programme or choose from the following modules what you would like to learn:
  • Good personal appearance
  • Body language including eye Contact
  • Integrity and honesty including positive work ethic
  • Workplace responsibility including accountability
  • Team work including assertiveness
  • Communication / Speaking Skills including positive personality
  • Self-esteem including signs of high self-esteem
  • How to change negative self-talk including initiative
  • Corporate courtesy
  • Workplace diversity

Why do it?

To gain insight into workplace etiquette and gain the confidence to present yourself as a professional when you are being interviewed for potential positions or entering your first job.

What will you learn from this qualification?

  1. Everything that you require to enter the workplace as a confident and professional job candidate.
  2. You can learn the entire Workplace Readiness Programme or customise your course by choosing the modules you know will benefit you best.

Once qualified you can:

  • Confidently and professionally enter the workplace plus stand out in your interviews. This course will give you the edge as a job candidate.